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Fictionaire Classic Encyclopedia

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  • Description

    [Fic•tion•aire: Person who tricks opponents into choosing
    the wrong word definition in the dictionary game.]

    You may know it as dictionary, fictionary, Balderdash... or even "Call my Bluff", the classic British TV game show; but it could just as easily be called "the making up lies to fool your friends" game!

    Fictionaire is a new quiz card game from Days of Wonder
    that gives a fresh twist to this classic genre.

    In Fictionaire, players make up a bogus definition or fake answer for a word or question asked by the game’s host, trying to trick him or her into believing that their answer is correct. To earn points, players either choose the right definition - or get someone to pick their answer. If a player bluffs someone into choosing the wrong answer, they earn a bonus point.

  • Details
    Ages: 10 and up
    Artist: (Uncredited)
    BGID: 74233
    Designer: Hervé Marly
    Family: Fictionaire
    Mechanics: Storytelling
    Publisher: Days of Wonder
    Time: 15 minutes
    Year: 2010