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  • Description

    Koryŏ is a game based in an uchronian and politico-steampunk universe.

    Each turn, players simultaneously choose a family of politician from their hand, and play as many cards of this family as they have and wish to. Each family has a value ranging from 1 to 9, which indicates both the number of cards in the family and the number of victory points the player controlling this family will score at the end of the game.

    A game lasts exactly eight turns, and on each turn a family grants its specific power to the player controlling it. Thus, efficient handling of these powers is the key to success! While their influence increases turn by turn due to the number of authorized cards in their council, the number of cards drawn each turn dwindles, making choices all the more difficult.

  • Details
    BGID: 140535
    Category: Card Game
    Designer: Gun-Hee Kim
    Family: Steampunk
    Publisher: Moonster Games
    Time: 10 minutes
    Year: 2013