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Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease - All 6 (Bundle)

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease - All 6 (Bundle)

In-Store Pickup Only Available Sunday, September 30 2018
New, Dimir, 1 left
$180.00 $135.00
New, Izzet, 1 left
$180.00 $135.00
New, Selesnya, 1 left
$180.00 $135.00
  • Description

    Players Will Get 1 of each Guild, and pick which guild they will get an extra of for the 2-HG Event.

    Players will not be able to pick which guild they get during each time frame, but will not get a duplicate guild.

    No Show/ Cancellation Policy:
    Players who don't show up: Decks will be held for later pick up. (if you dont pick up prerelease weekend we can not release product till set launch.
    Cancel with less than a 24 hour notice:
    will be Refunded in Store Credit Only.