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MTG Core 2020 Gauntlet (9 Events)

MTG Core 2020 Gauntlet (9 Events)

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  • Description


    1. The Player who participates in all 9 events and has the highest overall record will win a Booster box.

    2. Each Player who Participates in all Nine Events will win 6 booster Packs.




    Fri July 5th
    8pm: Sealed


     Sat July 6th
    12am: Sealed (midnight Fri Turning Saturday)
    12pm: Sealed (Noon)
    4pm: Sealed
    8pm: Sealed

    Sun July 8th
    12am: Sealed (midnight Sat turning Sun)
    12pm: Sealed (Noon)
    4pm: 2-HG Sealed  (each player must register separately)
    8pm: Sealed

    Each Event consists of 3 Rounds.


    No Show/ Cancellation Policy:
    Players who don't show up, or Cancel with less than a 24 hour notice will be Refunded in Store Credit Only.

    Prerelease exceptions:
    If you miss a time we can move you to a later time provided we have enough seats.
    You may also pick up kits for events missed at or after the set release date.