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MTG PPTQ Feb.13th (Standard)
MTG PPTQ Feb.13th (Standard)
Format: Standard
Preregister: $25.00 (Closes Feb 12th @ 11:59pm) Day of: $30.00
Sat,  Feb 13th
Registration: 10:00am
Event Starts: 11:00am

Limited to 64 Seats!

Prize Payout will be determined by attendance.
Please go to the event page on Facebook for more details.

 Anime Imports #MTGPPTQ #MTG #MTGPT

Capping event at 64 people.

For more info please check out our face book page or our event page: Our PPTQ Event Page read more...
MTG Pauper with the Professor
MTG Pauper with the Professor
Pauper with the Professor of TCC
Dec.5th at 5pm (limited to 40 players)

Entry Fee: $5
Prize Payout: Type A
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