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Anime Imports 13th Anniversary Sale & Events

Anime Imports 13th Anniversary Sale & Events

From Friday Oct 31st – Nov 2nd

Everything in store item is 13-39% off

Anime Plushies: 25% off

Anime DVDs: 25% off

Board Games: 25 – 39% off

Mayfair 30% off
Z-Man: 30% off

Crypotozoic: 30% off

Upper Deck: 30% off

Fantasy Flight: 30% off

Wotc: 35% off

AEG 30% off

USOpoly: 39% off

All others: 25% off

Figures: 20% off

Hobby Supplies: 30% off

MTG Singles: 13% off

Play Mats: 25% off

Warhammer 40k: 35% off

Warhammer Fantasy: 39% off

Everything Else: 13% off
Sales can not be combined with any other coupons or discounts.


Sunday at 4:00pm

Free KTK Draft *to the first 16 people to walk in and sign up themselves to draft.

*Sunday at tentatively 3:00pm

We will have Free food and refreshments for our customers.

Sunday at 1:00pm
GPT: New Jersey
Format: Standard

Entry Fee: $20

Sign up: 1:00pm
Start: 1:30pm

Facebook event page:

On Sept 30th we will have a few hours of down time while we upgrade our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

We are doing this to further enhance our website security.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
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